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Daily Incremental Game – Bitcoin Tycoon – 24/03/2014

Daily Incremental Game: Bitcoin Tycoon.

This game is still in development however I managed to get a lot of enjoyment out of playing it. Who knows what is going to be added in the future?

Click here for Bitcoin Tycoon.

Direct link:

In this game you mine Bitcoin by clicking the button in the top right. You create buildings and watch your city grow – simply drag and drop the building name to the map on your screen and you can build your own little city! Works better in Chrome.

BitMine review (in-depth) – Incremental Games

BitMine review

Link to game:
Playing games and browsing the internet late into the night, I stumbled upon an incremental game which held my attention for quite some time. I tend to do this a lot – stay up very late playing through different incremental games, realising I’m not actually achieving anything and know deep down that I should be doing something productive… but who cares, incremental games are fun!

My latest find is BitMine – this little gem is a great addition to the steadily growing list of incremental games and held my attention for at least a couple of hours. Oh how time flies when you’re having fun…

BitMine is a multi-level incremental game: you mine ore, refine ore, and sell ore. Sounds exciting already, right? There’s more to it than just that…

This game has a steady growth factor, meaning the speed at which you gain resources and are able to purchase upgrades is balanced – it keeps you clicking and clicking to get upgrades but with each upgrade you notice a substantial increase to the speed at which you gain resources, refine, sell etc.

Overview of interface/features

When you first open BitMine you are presented with a simple webpage with a minimal design to it. The actual game itself is made with Flash and has a clean modern interface which appears simple to navigate and free of clutter. You are welcomed to the game with a short and to-the-point message: “Welcome! To the new BitMine! Expect some sweet ores 3m and below!”. Read further on for my BitMine review.

BitMine review - Incremental Games

Located in the top left of the game is your money, current depth and how deep you mine per click. Below that shows your crude ores and refined ores, all of which are greyed out to begin with, indicating that you need to do some mining to progress. Three large bold buttons sit at the middle-bottom of the screen and they each have different actions assigned to them, all of which are self explanatory but I’ll explain them anyway, for clarity.

Mine -
Clicking the ‘Mine’ button causes you to dig deeper however you don’t seem to be rewarded with anything just yet. Clicking and clicking until you reach a depth of 3m will unlock your first ore (technically speaking; I won’t ruin it for you). This is where it starts to get interesting…

Refine -
The ‘Refine’ button refines ores you have mined (in incremental amounts) and will place them into the ‘refined ores’ section, ready to be sold.

Sell -
This doesn’t really need an explanation, but clicking the ‘Sell’ button will, you guessed it, sell your ores! They are sold incrementally and the amount you sell will need to be upgraded.

Finally we’re on to the upgrades. Located in the top right of the screen (they’re hard to miss) are three buttons – mining, refining and sales. These buttons contain two different upgrades for each section. The prices increase incrementally and in my opinion are very balanced.

The mining section allows you to upgrade the tool you use to mine, thus increasing the depth you mine per click. Next to this is another upgrade: hire a new miner. This upgrade will hire somebody to mine for you, causing you to dig deeper and gain ores without doing anything! The more miners you purchase, the faster you will dig and gain ore.

The refining section contains similar upgrades: the first upgrade is your refining power – the more you upgrade it, the more ores you refine per click. Next to this is a similar upgrade to the mining section – you can hire refiners! These will refine ore automatically for you.

The sales section follows an almost identical upgrade pattern to the refining section – the first upgrade increases how many ores you sell per click and the second upgrade hires people to sell ore for you.

My thoughts

After playing the game for over 2 hours, I can happily say that this is one of the most fun incremental games I’ve played. It doesn’t contain features which make it stand out to other incremental games, but the balance and interface more than makes up for this – quality > quantity. Game balance plays an important role in making the game enjoyable to play – the author of BitMine (all the information you need is at the bottom of this post) has succeeded in creating a fun and addictive incremental game and I personally cannot wait to see what updates this game will receive in the future.

I strongly recommend that you play this game, you won’t regret it. Thanks for reading my BitMine review, be sure to follow us on Twitter - @incrementalgame.

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Link to game (BitMine):
Link to author (on Reddit):
Reddit post for BitMine:


5 Random Incremental Games + New games added to incremental games list!

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How about 5 randomly picked incremental games for you to play today? Enjoy!

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Golden Miner Short Review – Incremental Games

The Golden Miner Review

This is my short review of the incremental game, ‘Golden Miner’. It is only a short review so not all of the features will be covered – an in-depth review will be redone in the future.

Link to the game:

The Golden Miner - Incremental Games

The Golden Miner – Incremental Games

‘The Golden Miner’ is an incremental game with RPG elements. I stumbled upon this whilst browsing the internet and had a hard time trying to stay motivated to continue playing. It became boring very quickly after realising there is a LOT of clicking to purchase ‘minions’, who can earn you resources (gold and diamond) per second. There are huge steps between each minion in terms of how much they cost, however they are very rewarded.

For me personally, I’m not a huge fan of games which require a lot of effort – I like to be able to achieve things quickly, earn quickly and keep upgrading quickly. This is personal preference though – some people enjoy waiting a long time for the money, some prefer it to be faster.

But I can’t give the game a bad name for that – so let’s take a look at the other features.

You gain experience every second or so – the amount is get is the same throughout the entire game. To increase how much experience you get per second (35xp p/s) then you can spend a trillion dollars to increase the amount… by an extra 1xp. This is another feature of the game that makes me dislike it.

There are a few other features of the game, such as finding items, but they’re hardly worth mentioning as this game is more of an idle game than an incremental game – you are required to spend a lot of time on it, however there is minimal return.




Hospital Trash Review – Incremental Games

Hospital Trash Review

This is my short review of the incremental game ‘Hospital Trash‘.

Link to the game:

incremental game review - hospital trash

This game was made for Ludum Dare, a competition where the participants attempt to create a game as fully as they can within 2 days. Hospital Trash is an incremental game created for this competition by the user ‘finefin’, whose full Ludum Dare entry can be found here.

Hospital Trash’s story is as follows – you have a deadly disease and you are required to pay $10,000,000 by tomorrow to be cured. You must scrounge in the trash for body parts, which can then be sold to the factory for money. That money can then be used to purchase equipment to help you scavenge/earn money faster.

Since this game was made in 48 hours, it comes as no surprise that the game is very basic. It is perhaps one of the most typical examples of an incremental game, although the author has clearly tried to make it slightly different by requiring you to sell the parts to the factory for more money, however this is as complex as it gets.

After playing the game for around 15 minutes, a few minor problems in the game stood out to me. Rapidly clicking on the bin to search for body parts resulted in the computer I was using to slow down, and I would have to wait for the body parts to rise up out of the bin and then drop to the floor and disappear before continuing to click.


  • Simple, easy-to-follow gameplay
  • Great artwork for a 48 hour project
  • Interesting concept


  • Lack of upgrades, would be nice to see more upgrades
  • Framerate drops if clicking too fast
  • Perhaps too simple – implementing more features would be great to see

In conclusion Hospital Trash is a very simple incremental game and expectations should not be high due to the fact that it was created in 2 days. This could have more potential if more work to the game was done, but nevertheless it’s a good game to kill a bit of time. Give it a go!

Happy clicking!