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We have been adding games to the Incremental Games List for the past few months and thank you all greatly for your submissions – we couldn’t have reached over 5000 incremental games without your support.

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Incremental Games List UPDATED Aug 2014

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I haven’t updated the blog in some time as I’ve been very busy with work and adding to the ever-growing list of incremental games. I am extremely happy to say the list has been updated! Visit the Incremental Games List now to play the latest incremental games. We are constantly updating the list and introducing new features such as categories, a rating system and more!

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Anti Idle: The Game Review – Idle Games

Anti Idle Review

Anti Idle is an idle game developed by Tukkun, a user of Kongregate.
Link to game

Game description (taken from the website):

A game which you can play when you idle, and when you don’t.

Gain some EXP, level up. Unlock many awesome features. Earn over 600 achievements. Climb the leaderboards. Brag to many friends, and even people you don’t know.

Features endless gameplay and a lot of imaginary goals to achieve!

This game is constantly updated with new stuff from player ideas!

Anti Idle is a game packed with a ton of features and mini games, providing the player with days and days of gameplay. There is no objective, as such, in this game but that’s not a problem – there doesn’t need to be an objective when there’s so much you can do! You gain EXP from committing various tasks throughout the game and also gain other goodies, such as yellow coins, green coins, blue coins and much, much more.

Idle Mode

The game starts out with a mini tutorial, which guides you through the beginning of the game. In Anti Idle you have a progress bar which can be toggle ‘Idle Mode’ on and off. The progress bar fills up depending on how many upgrades you have purchased for it and your current boost level. Once it reaches 100%, with Idle Mode turned off, you will need to perform any action such as moving your mouse or pressing a key to obtain the rewards from the bar. With Idle Mode turned on you do not need to perform any actions to collect the rewards, however the bar fills up at a far slower rate than with Idle Mode off. If Idle Mode is turned off the bar fills up at a high speed however you will need to be very attentive to ensure you do not miss out on the rewards. Upgrades are available via the shop which allow you to increase the speed at which the bar fills up, both for Idle Mode on and off.

Anti-Idle: The Game progress bar

Boosts are available after reaching a high enough level and allow you to further increase the speed at which the bar fills up. Remember: each time the bar reaches 100%, either with Idle Mode on and Idle Mode off, you will receive a bundle of EXP and coins. This in itself is highly addictive as progress is made easily at lower levels. TIP: Leave Idle Mode on if you are leaving your computer / switching tabs for a lengthy amount of time and turn Idle Mode off if you are going to be paying full attention to the game. This will help you receive maximum EXP gain in Anti Idle.


This review will be updated soon, once more content has been looked at – watch this space! Anti Idle is a fantastic game and I highly recommend you play it.

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Daily Incremental Game – Bitcoin Tycoon – 24/03/2014

Daily Incremental Game: Bitcoin Tycoon.

This game is still in development however I managed to get a lot of enjoyment out of playing it. Who knows what is going to be added in the future?

Click here for Bitcoin Tycoon.

Direct link:

In this game you mine Bitcoin by clicking the button in the top right. You create buildings and watch your city grow – simply drag and drop the building name to the map on your screen and you can build your own little city! Works better in Chrome.